Research at Doheny Eye Institute, USC, 2002

  • Rohit Lakhanpal, MD/Mark Humayun, MD, PhD worked on the following for inclusion in a retinal surgical atlas: Surgical Management of Endophthalmitis Membrane Peeling Without Vitrectomy in Macular Surgery

  • Rohit Lakhanpal, MD/Mark Humayun, MD, PhD 25-gauge Transconjunctival Standad Vitrectomy System

  • Rohit Lakhanpal, MD/Mark Humayun, MD, PhD Ganciclovir Implants in CMV Retinitis

  • Robert See, MD/Narsing Rao, MD Purtscher's Retinopathy Secondary to HAART-induced Pancreatitis

  • Fifth-Year Research Option: Research in Cytopathology with Anwar Raza, MD, USC 2000-2001

  • FNA findings in patients receiving immunotherapy for malignant melanoma

  • AGUS in cervical smears

  • Testicular tumors

  • FNAs of aggressive angiomyxoma, perineal tumors, vulvar tumors, and Leydig cell tumors

  • Research in Dermatology with Edward Jeffes, MD, PhD, UC Irvine, College of Medicine, 1999

  • Mechanism of methotrexate in the treatment of psoriasis
  • Research in Cytopathology with Anwar Raza, MD, USC, 1999

  • Fibroepithelial lesions of the breast

  • Tuberculosis of the endometrium and fallopian tube
  • Dr. Prasad's articles in April's issue of Costco Connection 2011

    Costco Connection Article

    Other Current Projects

  • Prasad A, Nagarsheth M. Trachoma: Evaluation and Treatment for the Primary Care Physician. (in preparation)

  • Shah DE, Prasad A, Thomas TL. Congenital Glaucoma Involving a Duplication of Chromosome 3q24. (in preparation)

  • Prasad A, Gasperini J, Eliott D, Van Stavern G. Spinocerebellar Ataxia-7: A Review of Eight Cases. (in preparation)

  • Zeiter JE, Guffey R, Prasad A, Giles CL. Emergency and Inpatient Ophthalmololgy Consultations in a Large Urban Tertiary-Care Pediatric Hospital. (in preparation)